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Monique > Shoes & Clothing  

Design Your Own T-Shirt

Reversible Bucket Hat

Shoulder Bag

Blue & White Dress

Bubble Pink

Purple & Black Striped

Red & White Dress

Cowgirl Outfit

Daisy Outfit

Fall Floral Outfit

Fall Floral Outfit /w Hat

Floral Capri Set

Garden Time

Pink Swimsuit

Rash Guard Tee

T-Shirt Set

Capri Pants

Plain Bike Shorts

Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Purple-Blue Shorts

Fleece Jacket

Striped T-Shirt

3-Strap Sandal

Adorable High Heels

All Star Hi-Tops

Alligator Boots

Ankle Strap Shoes


Ankle Strap with Rose

Baby (Heart Cut) Shoes

Baby Mary Jane

Baby's First Step



Bedtime Slippers

Bess Slip-On's

Bleuette Strap

Bleuette Tie

Blue Fairy MaryJane

Blue Fairy Maryjane Black

Blythe Ballet Slippers

Blythe Black & White Runner

Blythe Boots /w Pearls

Blythe Boots w/ Ribbon

Blythe Fur top Boots

Blythe Hiking Boots

Blythe MaryJane White & Blue

Blythe Red Boots

Blythe Red Boots W/Black Laces

Blythe Red Boots W/White Toe

Blythe Sandal W/Ribbon

Boots - Knee High

Boy Oxford Shoe

Boy Shoes

Boy Tie Dress Shoe

Breezy Slip-On

Bunch Bloom Clogs

Charming High Heels

Classic Ankle Boots

Classic Ankle Strap

Classic Ankle Strap w/ Bow

Comfy Flower Sandals

Cowgirl Boots

Crossed Ankle Strap

Crossed Style Sandals

Crossed-Strap Sandal

Daisy 2 Ankle Strap

Daisy Boot

Daisy Slipper

Daisy Tie Shoe

Daring High Heels

Darling Mary Jane

Dazzling High Heels

Dazzling Purse Set

Diamond Design Sandals

Diamond-Cut Ankle Strap

Dream Flower Shoe

Dressy Ankle Staps

Elegant Ankle Strap

Elegant Baby

Elegant Mary Jane

Elegant T-Strap

Enchanting High Heels

Everyday Canvas Shoes

Extra Sparkly Shoes

Fancy Cowboy Boots

Fancy Diamond Design Ankle Strap

Fancy Slip-On

Fancy Tennis Shoes

Fayette Clogs

Fayette Fur Boots

Feminine High Heels

Fisherman's Sandal

Flat Style Slippers

Floral Boots

Floral Slip-On's

Flower Petal Clogs

Flower Suede Clogs

French Shoe

French Shoes

Furry Ice Skates

German Hi-top w 3 straps

German Shoe

German Style

German Style Shoe

Girl Fancy Hi-Tops

Girls Dress Shoes

Glamorous High Heels

Gorgeous High Heels

Heart Mary Janes

Hi top shoe

High Heel - Buckle

High Heel Sandal

Hiking Boots

Hi-Top Tennis Shoes

Inline Roller Skate

Iris Sandals

Jewel Box Clogs

Knee-High Boots

Laced Ankle Strap

Lace-Up Boots

Leather-Like Girl Shoe /w Buckle

Leather-like Girl Shoes /w Buckle - Brown

Lily Clogs

Lovely Patent Mary Jane

Low Cut Sneakers

Low-Cut Slip-On's

Luvable High Heels

Luvable Purse Set

Marigold Clogs

Mary Jane Clogs

Mary Jane One-Strap Sneakers

Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane Two-Strap Sneakers

Mary Jane w/ Button

Mini Krocs

Mini Sketz

Moccasin Boots

Moccasin Shoes

Mod Maryjane for BJD

Modern Mary Jane Shoe

Modern Mary Jane Shoe - Black

Modern Mary Jane Shoe - Brown

Modern Mary Jane Shoe - White

Modern T-Straps

Monique Bowling Shoes

Monique Ice Skates

Monique Slippers

MSD Suede Boot

Multi-Colored Flower Sandals

My Golly Boots

Nerida Shoes

New Baby Shoe w/ Strap

New Saddle Oxford

Open Toe Sandals

Paradise Sandals

Patti Mary Janes

Pearly Flats

Pearly High Heels

Penny T-Strap Shoes

Petite Shoe

Pink Butterfly Sandals

Plain Loafers

Polka Dot Comfy Clogs

Pretty Wedge Shoes

Pullip Lace Boots

Pullip Runner Tie Shoes


Real Leather Ankle Strap

Real Leather Boots

Real Leather French Boots w/ Lace Trim

Real Leather French Lace-Up Boots

Real Leather Velcro Ankle Strap

Ribbon French Shoes

Ribbon Side Mary Jane

Ribbon-Laced Ankle


Romantic High Heels

Scallop Clogs

SD Black Boot

SD13 Black Boot

SD13 Black Tie Shoe

Seeley High Heel Pump - Eve Shoe

Seeley Lace-Up Slipper - Eve Shoe

Seeley Slipper Style - Kate Shoe

Sequin Flats

Simple Mary Jane

Single-Strap Sandal

SL Flat Slipper

Sleek Side Cut-Outs

Slingback Flats

Sneaky Sneakers

Soft Sole Baby Shoes

Sophisticated High Heels

Sophisticated Purse Set

Splendid Ankle Strap

Sporty Clogs

Sporty Shoes

Strapback slipper

Strappy Sandal

Suede Ankle Strap

Suede Boy Shoes

Suede Clogs w/ Bow

Suede Loafers

Suede Mary Jane

Summer Floral Sandals

Superstar Cut-Outs

Tennis Shoes

Tie shoe

Tie shoe with laces

Tillie Sneakers

Tinkerbelle Oxford


Toddler shoe with lace & rosette

Toddler Shoes

Toe Cuts Flats

T-Strap Shoes

Two Tone Tennis Shoe

Visor & Sandal Set

White Leather-like Ankle Strap

White Tennis Shoes

Wide Mary Jane w/ Bow

Wide Mary Jane w/ Button

Wild Cat High Heels

Zipp Ankle Boots

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